(UP’s first residential care home for orphan children having HIV/AIDS)
Satyakam Care Home has been established for orphan children living with HIV/AIDS who have lost one or both of their parents due to this illness. These children are often neglected and ostracized by society and abandoned by their relatives too. Presently, there are 13 children, 2 to 14 years age are living at the care home. The foundation aims at bringing a positive transformation in the life of these children by providing them education, nutrition, psychological, health and recreational support. The children have been enrolled in schools to provide them with mainstream education. A few of them have also been awarded for their excellent performance. Meals are cooked at the home wherein well-balanced nutrition meals are provided to these children. For their overall development, yoga & dance classes are organized three times per week, sports are encouraged and other development programmes are organized time to time. Doctors, teachers, students and others have shown a keen interest to volunteer their time with these children.  

The residential care home provides:
  • 24 Hours Parental Care.
  • Medical Help facilities.
  • Access to school Education and support after school.
  • Nutritious meals with a Proper Diet chart for each day
  • Celebration of the birthdays, and other events that create a Family Environment for each of the children under Satyakam’s protection.
  • Counseling support of each child.
  • Recreational and cultural activities.
  • Life skills training.
  • Occasional excursions.
  • Love & Care
  • Hope & Confidence
  • Independence & Discipline
  • All children have attained and maintain healthy weight norms.
  • All children attend school regularly and are performing at the top of their class.
  • All children are vaccinated according to standards.
  • CD4 counts and co-infections are monitored and treated by Hospital.
  • Each child displays emotional stability and the ability to form appropriate bonds with adults.
By establishment of this Care Home, Satyakam team together have been successful towards ending the negative discrimination of HIV infected children from the society. It has promoted knowledge and behavioral change amongst the community of Meerut city, making them have a positive thinking and caring attitude towards the children living with HIV. As a result, majority of renowned doctors, businessman, government officials, students, and even the general public visits the care home regularly, volunteering their time and resources with the children living at the care home. Visitors at the care home feel the real difference in their own lives too...... Ajay Sharma, Director
Programme Goal

Stigma & discrimination free child friendly environment in society for all vulnerable children having HIV/AIDS.

Aims of the Programme
To meet the physical, emotional, educational, health and psychological needs of the children having HIV/AIDS and prepare them for a productive and constructive life.
Future Expansion Plans for Residential care home
While working for the these children, we have felt the need to expand the space and facilities at the care home so that more and more beneficiaries can be accommodated and benefitted. Our care home presently runs in a rented building but we feel the need to have our own premises with a separate wing for the boys and girls, a common play and study space, communal kitchen, an outdoor garden and play area.

In order to fulfill the dream of a bigger and better care home of our own, we are calling on friends of Satyakam from around the world for support. With the help of people like you, Satyakam has already been able to promise a home and a future to 13 children, and we must all keep our promise to them and to the many other children living with HIV who need care and a loving home. In order to make this new home a reality, we will need to raise funds and other resources. Any and all donations will go a long way in building this dream, both financial and otherwise. To kick-off the establishment of the care home, we are offering various sponsorship options. If you would like to find out more, please write to us at:satyakamcarehome@gmail.com

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