Family Environment
All children in the Family Environment of Care Home removing moment. They are all my home I was so happy. All kids celebrate birthday together to celebrate all the festival.
• All children have attained and maintain healthy weight norms.
• All children attend school regularly children are performing at the top of their class.
• All children are vaccinated according to standards.
• CD4 counts and co- infections are monitored and treated by Hospital.
• Each child displays emotional stability and the ability to form appropriate bonds with adults.  
Aims The Programme
To meet the childrens physical, emotional, educational, health and psychological needs and prepare them for a productive and constructive life.
Our Goal
Stigma & Discrimination free child friendly Environment in Society to all Venerable  children’s
Future Plannings
In 2011,satyakam will open a new, larger Care Home to accommodate the needs of our children, and care for a greater number of HIV+ orphans. The new Care Home will feature:
  • Outdoor Garden and Play Area
  • Indoor Play Area for Small Children Study Halls
  • Separate Wing for Boys and Girls.
  • Designed to fit the age-specific needs of the Children in each development stage.
  • Training and Conference Facility .
A Scalable Model
Satyakam will provide on-site training for new HIV Care Homes to provide teaching in best practices.
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