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Satyakam Manav Seva Samiti
C-2/8, Rakshapuram, Near Moulders Academy, Meerut (UP) PIN Code 250001 (INDIA)
Phone : 0121-2622893
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Satyakam Manav Seva Samiti  is a registered voluntary organization working since January 2004. It is determined to see that the orphaned, abandoned, destitute and HIV-affected/infected children never feel the absence of their parents by providing them the best of everything in the world. SATYAKAM is born to bring cheers and smiles on the faces, fill their hearts with love and lives with hope.

The organisation is also working for the development of women through a “need based and participatory approach”. It runs livelihood based programmes and provides life skill development training for marginalized women and facilitates their participation in decision making for their own benefit.

All the work of the organization is achieved through society’s support and local as well as national partnerships with different government and non-government agencies. 

Satyakam's Belief about Helpless & Needy Children!!  
Children are more attached to parents. For them, parents are their hope, love and everything. Children fall back on their parents for every of their emotional, physical and psychological needs. And children feel more secure in the lap of their parents. But what if a child loses his parents? He/she is shattered and feels he has lost everything.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds and thousands of such children who have lost their parents and become orphan with no one to care for them and love them. These children are saddened and feel all hope is lost for them. Children not only who lost their parents, but children who were abandoned by parents also undergo the same trauma. Incompatibility between the parents, severe emotional conflicts in the family, distressing economic conditions, drunkenness & waywardness in the family and various other reasons impel the children to become abandoned. The trauma of these abandoned children is no less than that of the orphaned children. They become homeless, neglected and heartbroken. For them everything is lost.

Satyakam believes these children to be the most in need of care and protection.
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"Please come with us to help the helpless and needy children by
building a friendly environment for them in the society
wherein each of the children enjoys their rights without any discrimination".
- Ajay Sharma 
We sincerely request the viewers to come forward with a
generous hand to strengthen our endeavours to serve the vulnerable
and orphan children suffering with HIV / AIDS through Liberal Donation.
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