The satyakam care Home is supported primarily through donations. We encourage you to become part of our donor community and support our children with your financial contribution or your in-kind donations.

Monthly Cost For a child in care home

Donation for Amount for per child for one  month(INR) Amount for per child for one  month(USD)
Education 500 INR 09 $
Medical Checkups 600 INR 11 $
Diet 900 INR 16 $
Medicines 800 INR 15 $
Recreation 100 INR 02 $
Hygiene 200 INR 04 $
Total Amount(Monthly) 3100 INR 57 $
Total Amount(Yearly) 37200 INR 684 $
Full sponsorship - Rs. 3100 INR & $ 684 USD Per Child/Per Month
Nature of sponsorship could be –
  • Making grocery, fruit, milk and milk powder etc. available
  • Sponsoring educational material, books (educational and stories), school bags, stationary
  • Donating toys, indoor games and entertainment CDs
  • Donating clothes for daily use (new ), School uniforms
  • Shoes, sandals, slippers
  • Toiletry items, furniture, utensils
  • Volunteering your valuable time.
For all other donation options (wire transfer, sending items, special programs, etc.) please contact our programs manager,
Please contact
Mr. Deepak Kumar
(Programme Manager)
Satyakam care home
Telephone: 0121-2622893,9639015993,09359996493
Email :,
Send us an emailand we will collect any donation from your location.
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